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  Maj. Brenda Reed is the public affairs officer for Maryland Wing. She has a bachelor’s degree in history and enjoys historical research and writing. Currently living in Germany, Maj. Reed tours Europe in her spare time, writing and taking photos of her travels. Her favorite part of CAP is working with the cadets and watching them develop into leaders within their communities. When not studying or traveling, Maj. Reed looks for excuses to fly back to the States to play with her grandson.


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July 1, 2014

Jack Martin, known as Smilin’ Jack, took off into the comic strip world in 1933.  A well-traveled aviator, Jack kept Americans entertained for 40 years with the adventures he encountered along with his co-pilot, Downwind. Popular not only in print, Smilin’ Jack could also be found on the radio and...

June 24, 2014

Civil Air Patrol’s three primary missions, as chartered by Congress, are emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education.  Today the organization includes homeland security in the growing list of ways members support the country.  But wait — homeland security isn’t a new mission for CAP members. Let’s go back to...

June 10, 2014

Less than two years after Civil Air Patrol was established, an airport was built in northern Maryland to directly support CAP’s mission. In 1943, the city of Westminster dedicated its new airport and CAP’s Baltimore Base No. 332 in a two-day celebration. The airport, a 50-acre site in northern Carroll...

June 2, 2014

Breaking barriers – that’s what Willa Brown did! Not just one, not just two, but a lifetime of striving to achieve equality for African-Americans in aviation. Willa Brown was born in 1906 and raised during a time when equality for blacks and women was simply not the norm. But that...

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