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Retired aviation industry communications executive Drew Steketee promoted Civil Air Patrol’s history and image for many years. After staging the largest tribute to CAP since World War II at AOPA’s 1995 national convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he donated a further 13 years of pro bono work through his CAP Historical Foundation Inc. from 1997-2008. The foundation pioneered CAP show-center displays at the massive EAA AirVentureairshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, designed a comprehensive CAP exhibit for the Air Force Museum, recovered and digitized World War II CAP photography, acquired and archived extensive artifacts for future museum display, promoted the restoration and display of historic CAP aircraft, and created the online National Museum of the Civil Air Patrol. In 2006 he authored "Missions for America," the 65th anniversary history of CAP. 


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August 27, 2014

The military had its “Caterpillar Club” of airmen who had “hit the silk” parachuting from their crippled aircraft. During World War II, Civil Air Patrol’s Coastal Patrol pilots had no option but to ditch their planes at sea should their single engine quit. Those who survived joined CAP’s famed Duck...

August 14, 2014

One thing you discover when getting to know Civil Air Patrol’s World War II heroes: They were having the time of their lives back then.  Perhaps the past always looks brighter. Perhaps their unique adventure was their Golden Age. All I know is, they were all proud to serve and...

August 7, 2014

The photo: two Base 3 CAP aviators, sporting sidearms, flank a “Bombs Loaded” sign that makes their aircraft look like a gung-ho war fighter. In fact, CAP planes were initially unarmed. They broke up sub attacks on freighters and tankers merely by being there and diving on subs in simulated...

July 16, 2014

While most of glory of World War II Coastal Patrol is focused on the men in the air, the people who “kept ‘em flying” were also renowned. The prototypical quote honors Ev Smith, Base 2’s “Maintenance Wizard” (as each chief mechanic was known.) In praise of the Delaware base’s “Wizard,”...

July 9, 2014

By summer, 1943, Nazi submarines had retreated from U.S. shores. And so, CAP Coastal Patrol stood down on Aug. 31, 1943. Each Coastal Patrol base commander issued a letter of thanks to their fliers and ground staff. The words of Maj. George Haddaway (commander, Coastal Patrol Base 10, Beaumont, Texas)...

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